Buon Gusto Imports, Cody Wyoming

Who We Are

bologna place


I grew up in Bologna, Emilia Romagna, known throughout Italy as the food capital of the country, a region that can be described as culinary haven of exquisite cuisine.

Walking through a food market in Bologna is to be awestruck by beauty!

The impeccably elegant window display of prosciutto, mortadella , salami, wheels of cheese, pasta fresca, mushrooms, truffles, accompany you every step of the way, under the never ending miles of porticos.

No wonder one of Bologna’s nicknames is “La Grassa” the fat one, indicating the richness of its gastronomic delicacies, (along with “La Dotta”, the learned one, a reference to its well- known and highly regarded University).

We, Italians, are passionate about food, it is entwined in our DNA, and an integral part of our upbringing.

Buon Gusto Imports’ goal is to bring to you some of the best foods from Emilia Romagna, and specialties of other regions.

It is our hope that you will sense the love we put into selecting the best products, and it is my personal hope that these exquisite foods will bring you lots of joy.

Buon Appetito!