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Salame Nostrano

Salame Nostrano, “Nostrano,” meaning “our own,” is a classic northern Italian salame. It is mild , lightly sweet, with coarse grain; it is seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, garlic and Merlot wine. Aged 7 weeks, minimum. Pairs well with figs, and melons. A delicacy!

Finocchiona Salame

Finocchiona is a typical Tuscan salame made with ground pork (hind leg), flavored with fennel seeds, and soaked in red wine. Finocchiona was born in the Middle Ages, when fennel seeds were used instead of black pepper or other spices that were coming from Asia, because less expensive. Flavor is very fresh, complex, and full; Finocchiona is aged minimum 9 weeks, and it has a medium grain. Stellar!

Salame Schiacciata Piccante

Schiacciata Piccante is a cured meat originally from Calabria. The taste opens sweet, then progresses slowly to markedly spicy, without becoming overwhelming. Wild fennel seeds keep the flavor all around very fresh. Splendid on a cured meat board, on panini, and pizza!

Salame Ungherese, 8.5 oz

Salame Levonetto Ungherese, has a fine grain, and it is lightly smoked with woods from the Alps. It is a traditional salame from Alto Adige. It does not contain gluten or MSG. Exceptional!

Salame Rustico, 8.5 oz

Salame Levonetto Rustico, has a medium grain, it is lightly spiced, and it is mild with a delicate flavor. It is a traditional salame from Northern Italy. It does not contain gluten or MSG. Mouthwatering!

Cured Ham (Prosciutto Crudo) , Parma (sliced) 3 oz approx.

Mouth watering cured ham, from Ferrarini Parma. Prosciutto comes from the hind leg of a pig and it is ham that has been seasoned with salt and nothing else. The goal is to use the minimum amount of salt to keep the meat sweet tasting and tender. The ham is then dried and aged. This extensive curing process may last between nine and twenty four months. Try it on ciabatta bread for a superb sandwich.

Salame Parma , 1.3 Lbs approx., and Salame Parma Mini 8.8 oz approx.

Salame Parma, is made from the same hogs that are raised for the production of PDO Italian prosciutto. The mix of carefully selected meats, results in a color mosaic of white, pink and red , that is delightful on the palate, and for the eyes. Excellent as an appetizer, or on any cured meat board, paired with cheese and olives.

Salame Rosetta Spicy, 10.5 oz approx.

Dry cured Spicy Rosetta Salame from Reggio Emilia, Italy, is produced with carefully selected meats, and according to traditional recipes. Cured slowly and naturally, Salame Rosetta has a soft and delicate flavor, with a gentle spicy finish. Ideal as an appetizer alongside some olives, it is also excellent, sliced thin, as a pizza topping.

Prosciutto Cotto (Cooked Ham) 8 Lbs approx.

Known as “cotto”, cooked, Prosciutto Cotto is a delicately flavored dry cured ham, made from the meat of the hindquarters of the hog. Brine cured, and then pressed into a hard and dense meat, prosciutto cotto is a cooked form of prosciutto as it is boiled prior to use. “Cotto” is an excellent meat, thinly sliced, to make a superb sandwich, or cut in cubes, and accompanied by olives, for an appetizer. Prosciutto cotto is outstanding as a filling in a warm crepe with Asiago cheese!

Guanciale 2 Lbs approx.

Guanciale is Italian cured unsmoked pork cheek or jowl. The word Guanciale comes from the Italian word guancia, meaning cheek; while most pork bacon products are taken from the belly of a pig (like pancetta), guanciale is made by drying the meat from a hog’s jowls, making the resulting meat leaner than traditional pork pieces, with a noticeably richer flavor. It is this richness, combined with a delicate porkiness that gives Guanciale a smooth, rich flavor, and delicate buttery texture. It's traditionally used in classic pastas, like spaghetti alla carbonara , and bucatini alla matriciana. It may be cut into thin strips and wrapped around a few stems of asparagus; Guanciale adds a unique mouth-watering flavor to vegetables, and soups.

Mortadella with Pistachio from Bologna 11 Lbs approx.

"Mortadella di Bologna" is an Italian classic. It is made using select lean cuts of pork meat, ground into a fine paste, seasoned with natural ingredients like salt and pepper, and stuffed in a casing to be cooked in special humidity-controlled ovens. Small cubes of fat taken from the pigs neck are added to bring an element of sweetness to mortadella characteristically full-flavor, and firmness to its otherwise soft, velvety texture. Mortadella is most often served thinly sliced or cut into cubes, but can also be used to give an added flavor to pasta fillings, or ground into meat dishes. Perfect for delicious panini!

Speck 2.5 Lbs approx

Speck, made from a boned ham leg, is a cured meat native to the Tyrol, a region which spans part of Northern Italy and Southern Austria. This meat enjoys a protected designation of origin (PDO) in the European Union, which means that only meats which have been processed in a specific area of the Tyrol and in accordance with traditional practices may be labeled as “speck". The meat is rubbed in a mixture of salt and spices such as laurel, juniper, and pepper and allowed to cure before being cold smoked with beech, juniper, apple or ash wood over a period of several days. After this, the meat is air dried for several months. This method blends the traditions of salting followed by air drying and smoking. Deep red to ruby color, with the fat being bright white. Delicious on a slice of toasted hearty bread with a touch of salted butter. It can be used to flavor any cooked dishes (ragu’, pasta sauces etc) , served thinly sliced as an appetizer, or for a less traditional application, try it in a salad with apples and arugula.

Bresaola 3 Lbs approx

Bresaola originated in Valtellina, a valley in the Alps of northern Italy's Lombardy region. The beef is rubbed with salt and spice and dry cured to a shockingly red finish. The meat is extra lean and tender, the flavor is subtly sweet, with strong notes of clove, and a floral finish. Slice it thinly and enjoy it like they do in northern Italy: with arugula, Parmesan slivers and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Prosciutto di Parma, Black Label Reserve, Aged 18 months 5oz (Parma Ham sliced)

Prosciutto di Parma gets its name from its location of origin. The area of Parma began making their version of Prosciutto over 2000 years ago. Prosciutto comes from the hind leg of a pig and it is ham that has been seasoned with salt and nothing else. The goal is to use the minimum amount of salt to keep the meat sweet tasting and tender. The ham is then dried and aged. This extensive curing process may last between nine and twenty four months. For a type of prosciutto to be named "di Parma" and feature the seal and emblem of the official meat, it must come from the area of Parma. In Europe, this is called PDO (protected denomination of origin). It is usually thinly sliced and served . Wrap a Prosciutto slice around a piece of melon for a fresh bursting flavor. Excellent on pizza!

Salame Cacciatorini 1Lbs. approx.

Italian Cacciatorini ("cacciatore" means hunter in Italian) are commonly thought of as hunter style salame, since it is made as a small rustic salame to be carried in hunter's pockets and eaten as a lunch meal. Cacciatorini are hand tied and have a mild delicate flavor and savory pork aroma. The natural casing is supposed to have that wonderful yeasty mold on the exterior. Enjoy this traditional delicacy sliced thinly in a sandwich, as a pizza topping, in appetizers and snacks, or by itself in thick slices.