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Pasta Polenta & Risotto

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La Casa del Grano, Malloreddus 500GR (1.1lbs)

With more than 50 years of experience, La Casa del Grano is celebrated for its classic varieties of pasta from the island of Sardegna. Made with durum wheat, this Medium Malloreddus Pasta is shaped by hand, forming the characteristic thin lines by pressing the pasta against a straw basket. The pasta's irregular cut, and coarse texture, perfectly picks up chunkier tomato sauce. It is traditionally served with a red sauce containing meat or sausages, and topped with grated Romano or other pecorino-style cheese. The pasta’s name, from Sardinian dialect, refers its resemblance to little lambs. Mallorreddus are also known as Sardinian Gnocchi.

Pan Risottincasa 300GR (10.58oz)

Pan, established in the northern part of Italy near Torino, in 1974, offers an outstanding quality of Carnaroli Rice. Specializing in the rich local offerings from Truffle, Artichokes, and Porcini mushrooms to name a few, they have created this amazing tasting, and beautifully packaged Risotti. We offer Risotto Carnaroli with Artichokes, and Risotto Carnaroli with Truffle.

La Casa del Grano, Is Maccaronis de Busa 500 gr (1.1 Lbs)

Since 1955, La Casa del Grano has been producing Is Maccaronis de Busa , a typical Sardinian pasta, produced only with the best durum wheat, and water. They are named after a tool which was used in their preparation: the crochet hook (busa or ferrittu in Sardinian language, depending on the origin area). The pasta was cut in small strips which were wound around the hook. The particular shape and use of La Casa del Grano's bronze wire-drawing machine gives this pasta a rough porous texture - perfect to capture and hold sauces. The slow, and low temperature drying process produces a tastier pasta which preserves its flavor, and protein content during cooking.

Risotti Antico Pastificio Umbro 200GR (7.05oz)

Antico Pastificio Umbro, located in the green valley at the foothill of Monte Subasio, near Assisi in the lush Umbria region, has been operating since 1994, and has its roots in the pasta craft tradition specific to the area. Rice varietals used for the ready-to-cook Risotto Trendy line, are the best available on the market. Its striking packaging makes it a perfect gift. We offer Risotto Milanese, Porcini, and Radicchio.

Polenta La Grande Ruota 500GR (1.1.Lbs)

Polenta (corn meal cooked in salt water) was the staple diet of entire generations of the farming community in northern Italy. The poorer families would eat it for lunch as soon as it was prepared, and leftovers would be toasted on the fire for dinner. La Grande Ruota, a small family owned company, is situated near the city of Brescia (Lombardia); it has been using stone grinding since the very beginning back in 1853, and it is one of few mills that has never abandoned this traditional working method, that produces wholegrain rich in bran, and fiber. Very versatile, Polenta can be served baked, grilled, fried, or creamy. Top it with vegetables, meats, or melt Asiago cheese on it, and drizzle with Truffle Oil! Packaged in a lovely canvas bag.

Pasta Martelli : Maccheroni Penne & Fusilli 500GR (1.1Lbs)

The Martelli family began making pasta under its name in 1926, in the medieval fortified town of Lari (Pisa), in Tuscany. They use the hardest, and best quality durum wheat, which gives pasta its firm consistency, slowly kneading the durum-wheat with cold water. They extrude their pasta through traditional bronze dies, which results in a porous pasta, allowing the sauce to grip, and cling to it. Pasta is then dried at a “ low traditional temperature” (33-36°C) for about 50 hours (depending on the weather). Time is the key, since the slow dry makes the texture more chewy and the flavor intense, more like bread than raw wheat. Once dried, pasta is hand packed. Buon Appetito!