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Olive Oil

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Redoro EVOO 250 ml (8.5oz)

Some of Italy’s finest Extra virgin Olive Oil is produced at the Redoro farm estate in Grezzana, (north Verona, Veneto, Italy). Redoro has been producing oil for over 120 years; they have oil mills in Grezzana and Mezzane, both close to production sites, and they work at capacity during the harvest months of October, November, and December. Redoro produces very aromatic oil with an intense green color (and shades of gold), it’s a sweet and full bodied olive flavor, best used with bread or as a finish. Ideal with steamed vegetables.

“Affiorato” EVOO , Box & Cork, 250 ml (8.5 oz)

Calogiuri "Affiorato" Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Puglia, is made from an old traditional technique of the same name, 'affiorato'. Each November, after cold crushing the olives, the producer waits for the oil to surface (affiorare). The 'floating' oil is then skillfully collected in special jugs by hand, and then bottled. The olive tree is extremely resilient, yet the olive itself is very delicate, and the process called "affiorato" ensures minimal harm to the olives, while capturing the incredible flavor of the original fruit. This rich and dense extra virgin olive oil is a true delight to the senses, adding texture and silky flavor to any recipe. Nicely packaged in a box with a pouring cork, this also makes a lovely gift.

Silano Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml (25.4 oz)

Made with olives harvested in September, Silano (from the Calabria region, the toe of the Boot!) is a well-balanced and full bodied extra virgin olive oil. The taste is surprisingly rich and varied, with hints of vegetables and herbs. Excellent, and very versatile, it can accompany many dishes , from dressing fish, salads, or on crostini bread for a special, full flavor treat.

Rustico EVOO 500 ml (16.9 oz)

Carmela Di Caro oil-producing firm is located in the province of Trapani, Sicily. Rustico is a fruity, lightly spicy EVOO, obtained from olives milled immediately after being picked. In a tin decorated with typical Sicilian olive picking images. Excellent!

Magni EVOO 750 ML (0.20 gl)

From the heart of Tuscany, in the town of Poggibonsi (Siena), comes this excellent EVOO. Magni EVOO has a peppery,pungent taste profile – that signifies the health benefits of the antioxidants, and the freshness of the press. Smooth, yet with a pronounced body, or "mouth feel", it is perfect to enhance the flavor of any grilled meats, or salads.

Alesci Cold Pressed EVOO, 250 ml (8.5oz)

From the island of Sicily, in the high hills , inland from Palermo, Alesci produces some of the best olive oil. The harvest, done by hand to ensure the integrity of the fruit, is carried out in early November, in the period of half “ripening” which ensures the right balance of flavor and quality. Crushing is performed within 24 hours of collection. Beautiful, hand painted ceramic jug, makes it a perfect special gift. Aroma is delicate, taste is Intense, fruity with hints of herbs and sweet almond. Ideal for meat and seasonings, fresh cheese, pasta and vegetable soups.

DiVito Olive Oil Evoo Organic 750 ML (0.20 gl)

Clear green tending to yellow. The smell is quite intense and persistent, with scents of olives paste, grass and withered wild flowers, fresh peas, thistle and sweet almond. Sweet, savory and spicy taste, with a lightly bitter note. Aftertaste: fresh almond. DiVito cold pressed EVOO, is perfect for seasoning, especially on grilled vegetables, fish, salads, focacce and pizzas. Very good for cooking peppers, blue fish, grilled or stewed white meats. Elegant amphora shaped bottle!

Farchioni Il Casolare Organic Unfiltered Evoo 750 ML (0.20 gl)

Casolare organic oil is produced using methods of organic farming controlled by ICEA (Institute for the Ethical and Environmental Certification). Olives are naturally cold pressed and not subject to any chemical process. This dark green, unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil, offers the aroma of freshly pressed olives, and a flavor that starts fruity, continues buttery and rich, then concludes with a peppery finish. In order to appreciate its fruity taste, it is best used to season all raw dishes (salads, legumes, crostini etc.) Lovely, and reusable bottle, with air-tight flip top seal.

Farchioni Il Casolare Unfiltered Evoo 1 L (0.26 gallon)

Extra virgin olive oil cold pressed, and unfiltered. The oil is delicate and light, it has a fresh scent of olives and intense green color. The specific varietal of olives used, will not alter the color in time. It finishes with a delightful fruity flavor. Use in salads, crostini, vegetables, bruschette. Lovely, and reusable bottle, with air-tight flip top seal.